Six Nonclinical Careers Any Physician Can Pursue

Land a Wonderful Nonclinical Career That Leverages Your Medical Education and Experience

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Did you know that there are literally hundreds of nonclinical jobs for physicians? And that many of them simply require a medical degree? Or a degree PLUS limited clinical experience?

As a podcaster devoted to helping physicians find awesome nonclinical careers, I have spoken with physicians in SIX attractive careers that stand out to me. They all demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Available to almost every physician, regardless of extent of clincal experience. In fact, in some cases the employer is looking for candidates with LESS clinical experience, for reasons explained in this course.
  • There are always many employers looking for physicians to fill these positions.
  • Physicians who have chosen these careers are extremely satisfied.
  • Salary opportunities are very attractive, once you've settled in and demonstrated your abilities.
  • As in most nonclinical jobs, the work schedule is reasonable and there are no on-call responsibilities. Work -life balance in these jobs is much easier to achieve than in clinical medicine.
  • They build on your medical education and knowledge of healthcare.

Why did I create this course?

As I've explored nonclinical careers personally, and interviewed physicians in dozens of full- and part-time nonclinical vocations, I've discovered six that seem to be most attainable to both types of physicians: those with board certification and clinical experience, and those who decided not to pursue residency training and clinical practice once they completed medical school.

I wanted to take what I learned by talking with physicians in these careers, and with physician career coaches, and provide you with options if you're interested in leaving clinical medicine.

What's Included in the Course?

The course consists of seven lectures, with supporting resources for each.

In the course, I start by addressing how to use common career transition strategies, including mentors, networking, LinkedIn, and professional organizations. And I explain how these strategies work together.

Then, for each of the careers, I describe what the job entails, the typical skills needed, the amount of travel required, unique features of each, and if working from home is an option.

I then spend the final part of each lecture describing how to prepare yourself for the job, and the resources you should access to accelerate your career transition.

Each lecture has additional resources, consisting of downloadable articles, and audio files with interviews with physicians or experts in those fields.

Your Instructor

John Jurica MD, MPH, CPE
John Jurica MD, MPH, CPE

Family physician, medical director, hospital CMO, entrepreneur, speaker and host of Physician Nonclinical Careers Podcast, John has interviewed and collaborated with physicians in dozens of nonclinical careers and side-gigs.

He mentors physicians who wish to pursue careers that enable them work in their "Zone of Genius."

John has spent years interviewing physician coaches and doctors who have successfully transitioned to fulfilling unconventional careers - both nonclinical and nontraditional clinical careers.

He is a sought-after podcast guest, and speaker for national conferences addressing career transition.

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After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you're a member of the Academy.
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Yes. If you are not completely satisfied, you have 7 days during which you can request a refund.